Privacy Policy

Website data:
By policy this site does not attempt to track the movement of readers within the site, other than to tally the total requests for each page. The forms on this site which contain links to this privacy policy, ask for a visitor’s name and e-mail address. Also, some of the forms may require personal information such as name, e-mail address, postal address, and telephone number. This information, from fields that visitors explicitly fill out, is used only for the purpose of communication with the visitor, or fulfilling the request, and is not given to other organizations. Except for the forms which contain a link to this document, no personal information (names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, etc.) is gathered about visitors to this Web site. Standard web server log data (time, host, IP number, etc.) collected by is not distributed to the public. Aggregate results and statistics derived from this data may be made available from time to time to the members of the Bellevue Chamber Chorus. By policy, however, such statistics will not reveal the identity of individual remote hosts by either domain name or IP address, although they may identify higher-level domains or networks by name. Also by policy, such statistics will not disclose the URLs of referring pages, although they may identify higher-level domains associated with such URLs.

When visiting any Internet site your unique address called an “IP address” is recorded.  The Bellevue Chamber Chorus does not release any information about the collection of this address to any third party except under court order. archives the log files in order to create aggregate statistical reports.  The log files are eventually deleted.

Please note that since we have installed the WebRing navigation bar, our visitors’ web browsers automatically transmit certain information to Yahoo!. Yahoo! does not log or store this information. It is not Yahoo!’s practice to track activity on any WebRing member pages. For more information about how Yahoo! treats personal information please see the Yahoo! Privacy Policy. For more information about the privacy practices for Yahoo! WebRing, please click here.

The BellevueChamberChorus.Net Website does use Internet ‘cookies’. The cookies are only created after the user has successfully submitted a webform.

Persistent cookies are placed on the user’s system only after choosing to Submit a form.  These cookies remain on the user’s system with a 60-day expiration date and are automatically retrieved when a user visits at a later time.   There are only two items which are stored in the ‘cookie’: the user’s name, if provided in filling out the form, and the date of the current visit to our website. This information is currently only used to pre-populate the “name” field in future form submittals and will someday be used in order to welcome the user in subsequent visits and direct them to changes on our website since the last visit.

No Images, files, or cookies are downloaded from third party servers.  This means no banner networks, ‘hidden’ images of size 1×1 pixel, etc.

Bellevue Chamber Chorus Email and Postal Lists:
Names, Email Addresses, Postal Addresses, and Telephone numbers of the Bellevue Chamber Chorus’ patrons are the sole property of the Bellevue Chamber Chorus. Email and/or Postal mailing lists are not sold to 3rd parties and are used solely for the purpose of contacting our patrons. The only exceptions are when other Performing Arts Organizations, for promotion purposes, may use our lists if the Bellevue Chamber Chorus is performing in a joint concert with them.  In addition, on occasion, the Bellevue Chamber Chorus exchanges a portion of its mailing list with other performing arts and Arts Support groups (such as the Bellevue Arts Commission) in the Bellevue area as a way of building up its customer base.

Donor Lists:
Personal Information of donors/supporters of the Bellevue Chamber Chorus is the sole property of the Bellevue Chamber Chorus and is not released to any third party except under court order or by permission of the individual. Exceptions to this rule are listed below under the Bellevue Chamber Chorus Program and Website listings.

Ticket Holders:
Personal Information of our Season Ticket holders and single concert patrons is the sole property of the Bellevue Chamber Chorus and is not released to any third party except under court order or by permission of the individual.

Credit Card Information:
Credit Card and/or billing information of our patrons/supporters/etc. is not tracked or stored by the Bellevue Chamber Chorus except in the form of receipts which are kept for legal and tax purposes. These records are eventually destroyed.

Bellevue Chamber Chorus Program and Website listings:
In an effort to recognize our supporters, the Bellevue Chamber Chorus lists its supporters, donors, and volunteers, in name only, both on its website and in its concert programs. Individuals may request that their names be replaced with “Anonymous” at the time of making a donation or at any time thereafter. Listings of donors are classified in categories based on the size of their donations, however, actual dollar amounts are not specified.